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Meet our CEO, Brandon Welch, PhD.

Come work with us is on a mission to provide telemedicine for all, and we are focused on solving some of the most challenging problems in healthcare and technology.  We are an established, fast-growing company, with team members working remotely and in our offices in the US and Europe.

If you want to work in a friendly, fast-moving and collaborative environment where your skills and creativity can help create a happier, healthier world, check out the opportunities below, and come and join us.

Why work at

Culture & Values

We believe you should find a job that values your skills and recognizes your expertise in a collaborative, transparent, and compassionate environment.

Growth & Training

We understand how much most people want to help other people, which is why we lead the way by providing telemedicine for all. We want to give you the chance to help us lead.


We offer generous benefits, including medical benefits, wellness reimbursements, monthly lunches, remote & flexible work, leadership development, tuition reimbursement, and more.

Great team

Our team members are impactful, teachable, and respectful. They want to grow professionally, and they care about their community.

Flexible work environments

We have team members working remotely all over the world. We hire based on talent, not where you are located. We also have offices in Rochester, NY; Charleston, SC; Salt Lake City, UT; and Kyiv, Ukraine.


From monthly lunches, team dinners, meetings on the slopes, and mountain retreats, to virtual reality games, we enjoy spending time together.

Team member testimonials and its people are driven for knowledge, wisdom, solutions, and connections. We are always being encouraged to level up products, features, initiatives, even ourselves. This is leadership driven and demonstrated. This is an environment for dreamers and for anyone wanting to make an impact.

Nicole Hansen, GA, team member since August 2021

This is honestly the best company I have worked for. I said in the interview that it sounded like my dream job and it has fully lived up to that. Everyday is a new adventure and exciting challenge, and I know my team and I will never say the word “bored” for the rest of our time here.

Kate Miller, NY, team member since June 2020

I really enjoy the flexibility the company has allowed me to have to work around my busy schedule as a mom. The company really puts a focus on listening to their employees and has implemented several programs based on employee feedback. Every day is different with all of the various projects we are working on. There is never a dull day!

Courtney Larson, NY, team member since April 2015

There is no strict hierarchy so everyone has a voice and can influence the product. The family atmosphere without micro-management and a very supportive environment which makes it a comfortable place to work even in a full remote mode…truly flexible work hours as well as flexible vacation, and reimbursement for health-related activities.

Peter Zdebskyi, Ukraine, team member since April 2021

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