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Extended Reality for Enhanced Telehealth During and Beyond COVID-19: Viewpoint

In this viewpoint, we highlight research demonstrations of XR telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss future directions to make XR the next evolution of remote health care.

Exploring telemental health practice before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Telemental health providers use telemedicine daily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with expectations of continuing to use telemedicine in practice after the pandemic.

Disparities in Patient-Centered Communication via Telemedicine

As telemedicine becomes ubiquitous in health care, innovative solutions are needed to overcome barriers that prevent providers from delivering patient-centered care and patients from feeling satisfied with their remote consultations.

Provision of Care by “Real World” Telemental Health Providers

Innovative solutions are needed to improve how telemental health providers that endorse following the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment paradigm remotely assign homework and collect clinical data to increase their satisfaction via telemedicine.

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Improving adherence to evidence-based practice using an innovative and easy-to-use health IT solution

The major goals of this project are to expand a web-based platform designed to improve provider implementation and patient engagement in homework, or between-session practice of skills learned during therapy, to include new features and therapeutic exercises for adult patients, develop a plan for its implementation and sustainment, and preliminarily evaluate it during a feasibility Optimization, Effectiveness, and Implementation (OEI) Hybrid trial.

Improving data capture in clinical research using a chatbot

The major goals of this project are to understand opportunities and barriers among clinical research stakeholders using a chatbot (i.e., Dokbot), and to adapt and iteratively refine a functional prototype of Dokbot for clinical research.

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