Clinical Psychology and Telemedicine

My name is Lisa Talerico and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been providing individual, couples, and family therapy in my private practice since 2004. I conduct Cognitive Behavior Therapy and I specialize in depression, anxiety, eating disorders, weight management, grief/loss, substance abuse, LGBT issues, adolescent issues (school, emotional, behavioral/family), young adult issues (career, transition, relationships), and personal growth.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a shorter-term, solution focused type of therapy that helps individuals to understand the relationship between their thoughts, their emotions, and their behaviors. Specifically, CBT teaches individuals about the influence that their thoughts and their behaviors have on their emotions. CBT focuses on teaching clients real techniques and coping skills in order to help clients cope with the difficult situations that are bringing them to therapy as well as situation that may arise in the future.

I have been practicing telemedicine in my private practice for the past three years. I now conduct telemedicine exclusively in my private practice. I started practicing telemedicine in my private practice in order to offer a more flexible schedule to my clients as my private practice became continuously full. There were only so many hours in which my office was open. Once I began to offer telemedicine in my private practice, my clients began to prefer it over the traditional office visits due to the convenience and comfort of being able to participate in the therapy sessions from their home. I have also been able to provide services to clients who would not otherwise have been able to participate in therapy due transportation issues, physical disabilities, or concerns with leaving their home. There became less and less of a need for my office. While I reside in San Diego, CA, approximately 80% of my clients live in areas outside of San Diego county.

I tried several different secure video platforms before I began to use exclusively. In my experience, is by far the most straight-forward, user-friendly secure video platform compared to other video platforms. Doxy’s customer service and technical support is excellent as well! They always get back to me and my clients in a timely manner and they are always ready to trouble shoot if a problem arises. provides a professional atmosphere to my clients that I really appreciate.

I believe that telemedicine is the wave of the future and office visits will become more and more obsolete. Telemedicine is more convenient and more cost effective for both the provider and the client. The provider does not have to pay for office space and the client does not have to drive to the office and pay for gas. As long as the provider and the client both have a computer with a web cam or a smart phone, high speed internet, and a place in which they can talk privately for the duration of the session, I believe that telemedicine is just as effective, if not more effective, than traditional office visits. If providers are interested in learning more about telemedicine, I have found the Telehealth Institute to be a great resource.

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